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Voice GPL Theme v3.0.2 – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme

Voice v3.0.2 – Clean News/Magazine WordPress Theme


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The Voice GPL News Magazine theme Theme for WordPress:

With online newspaper & portal websites in mind, Voice GPL is a responsive news magazine WordPress theme. It has many features, such as WooCommerce connection for your eCommerce needs and bbPress to create a strong WordPress community or social network magazine website.

Voice for WordPress lets you build a design that fits your needs quickly and easily. It has a sophisticated Theme Options Panel that can be changed in many ways.

It is flexible enough to meet a wide range of needs because you can change fonts and colors at the touch of a button. Voice was made with readability, great typography, and a modern, responsive design in mind, so your visitors will have a great time using it.

Did you know that the Voice theme is also used for newspapers?

Voice is a popular and versatile WordPress theme designed to create a newspaper or magazine website. Voice is one of the best aids for creating your following online newspaper site because it embraces flexibility, predefined layouts, the power of custom widgets, and practical features.

Here is a brief summary of the websites you can build and the purposes for which our customers use Voice.

magazine of news

publication portal

technology journal

online gaming

Sports portal Blog about art and culture

Lifestyle and fashion blog

Music website Food website

travel journal – additionally, you can view your Trawell WordPress theme.

government newspaper

auto magazine

film news

visit website

Website for affiliate marketing

You may also view our users in action by visiting the Voice theme showcase.

We have an extensive collection of helpful articles that you can quickly peruse at our Knowledge Base if you have queries or want to learn more about the Voice theme.

Responsive Design: Responsive design ensures your information will scale fluidly across today’s latest devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones. The Theme Options make it simple to disable responsive mode, which is optional.

Advanced Theme Options Panel: Voice has a sophisticated, user-friendly Theme Options Panel. In as little as five minutes, you may build your website!

Options for Built-in Performance: Voice has been sped up. Thanks to built-in performance enhancements, your website will load quickly and function without a hitch.

Depending on your preferences, Branding – Infinite Fonts & Colors – Voice offers areas specifically for uploading your logo and icons and possibilities for unlimited font and color combinations. Personalize your website by doing so!

Voice comes with a variety of Header Layouts to suit your preferences. It also has a sticky header and a mega menu system. You can choose between a simple, traditional header with links to pages and a more complicated one with ads and banners.

We offer 7 primary layouts for your post listings and 3 additional layouts for featured area posts, giving you over 150 post listing combinations. Even better, you can combine them all to produce practically limitless possibilities!

Smart Post Listings (Modules) – We provide Modules, a straightforward and user-friendly but effective solution for Multiple Posts listings on the same page. You can make as many Post Modules as you like, sort them into groups based on criteria, and arrange them in a specific pattern.

Advanced post-filtering and selection – Within each module, you can: Choose Posts from one or more particular categories

Display posts that are not older than a specific time difference and order posts based on the date, the number of views, the number of comments, or at random

Select Posts by hand for each module.

Category modules: Just as with posts, you can display your categories in modules. Select from a display with one, two, or five columns. To any of the display choices, you may also attach a slider.

Modules that support custom post types Any registered public custom post types will be instantly recognized in modules.

There is no limit to the number of sticky sidebars you can create. Then you can specify which posts, pages, or categories will have which sidebars. Each template should be given Sticky Sidebars so that widgets can be seen while browsing the website’s content.

Multi-page posts with pagination: Voice is a user-friendly design for posts divided into numerous pages for optimal ad revenue potential on your new website. This an excellent approach to quickly raise your page traffic and passive income!

Smart Categories let you customize each category on your website with a distinct layout, color, featured area, pagination style, and amount of posts per page! Your website becomes significantly more adaptable because of Voices’ Smart Categories.

Additional Custom Widgets – In addition to the default WordPress widgets, Voice offers several different custom widgets that amplify its functionality:

Voice Posts is a great way to show off your posts, giving you many more options than the basic WordPress Post widget.

Add your AdSense script to this widget for simple website monetization. You are not limited to using Google Adsense; instead, you can use any JavaScript-related advertising provider with this widget.

Voice Video: This widget makes it simple to show videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Meks Easy Ads Widget is a fantastic tool for advertising your website.

Easily show social media icons with the Meks Smart Social Widget.

Use the Meks Smart Author Widget to show your user/author profile information.

Meks Simple Flickr Widget: This widget allows you to display your Flickr photo stream.

Here, you can show off your own ThemeForest items or those of other users to get more affiliate commissions.

The four available pagination types are the traditional Older Posts/Newer Posts navigation, Numeric Pagination, Load More buttons, or Infinite Scroll. Additionally, this capability is not restricted to a global configuration; you can apply several pages with various pagination kinds wherever you like.

System for Built-in Banner Ads – Profit from your website! Voice makes it simple to add Banner Ads to your homepage, archive pages, or individual posts, so you don’t have to deal with messy one-off text Widgets all over the place. Without even writing a single line of code! Useful for websites using Adsense or affiliate marketing.

Support for post view counts – Voice also supports the WordPress plugin Entry Views, which tracks post view counts. Additionally, intelligent filters that allow you to filter your Posts based on ideas are available.

Support for WP Review Plugin: Voice enables you to boost user engagement on your website by allowing users to rate goods and services. WP Review is one of the most well-liked WordPress rating plugins.

Support for the Co-Writers Plus plugin allows you to easily add several authors to a single post.

On single posts, content loads indefinitely as the user scrolls down the page, doing away with the requirement for pagination.

Related posts: While you could certainly use one of the many Related Post plugins, Voice already comes with a straightforward but effective way to show Related Posts within any page or Post.

Built-in Theme Translator – The theme options panel makes it incredibly simple to edit or translate the content on your website. Language files in. PO and. mo formats are offered. Standard WordPress translations and multilingual websites are also supported.

One Click Simple Updates: By connecting your website to the Envato official API, you may use your admin dashboard to receive updates as soon as they become available. When Voice gets an update, you can upgrade it with a single click, just like any other theme in the official WordPress repository.

Built-in Social Sharing: You need awesome content that people will want to share to build a genuinely excellent website. In light of this, Voice includes full social media integration for all well-known social networks, which are beautifully balanced in terms of style and feel.

With 12 flexible shortcodes, you can easily add sophisticated components to your material. With the help of shortcodes, you can quickly and easily add stunning columns, separators, highlights, dropcaps, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars, social media icons, tabs, toggles, and accordions to any Page or Post.

WooCommerce Support: Voice has been meticulously designed with eCommerce at its core. With the WooCommerce WordPress plugin’s cutting-edge features, your new website can have a fully functional store.

Support for bbPress: Need to manage a forum? With Voice, you can be sure that your new website will function flawlessly with the industry-standard Forum Plugin bbPress, which has been tested to work without scripting.

Support for post types: In addition to regular posts, this theme also supports post formats for videos, audio, images, and galleries. Additionally, most of WordPress’s standard embedding features are enabled, making it simple to incorporate Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook updates, Tweets, and Instagram.

Support for Right-To-Left (RTL) reading is a crucial need if you’re managing a website with a global audience! Just activate it in the Theme Options Panel.

Complete documentation and demo content are provided. With the help of our thorough guide, quickly and easily learn how to set up this theme and master its features. You can start customizing the content because an XML file with the demo material is also part of the download. Voice may be configured to appear fantastic in around 5 minutes.

Dedicated Support: Please get in touch with us with questions, problems, or feature suggestions. We will answer as quickly as we can to assist you!



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Last Update:January 22, 2023
Released:July 30, 2022