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Valenti GPL Theme v5.6.3.9 – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme

Valenti – WordPress HD Review Magazine News Theme GPL FREE Download


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Valenti is a WordPress HD Review Magazine Theme.

Valenti is a state-of-the-art, feature-rich, fully responsive, premium HD (retina-ready) WordPress magazine theme. Users can have fun building a distinctive homepage with the proprietary Valenti Drag & Drop Builder and quickly make changes whenever they want. You may also use Valenti completely as a review theme because of its robust and integrated reviews system and widget. A special megamenu system for lovely drop-down menus and the option to make the featured Image of a post have a parallax effect are also included with Valenti. Naturally, WooCommerce, bbPress, and BuddyPress integration are included with Valenti for the full experience. Valenti is a genuine premium WordPress review publication for 2021 and beyond. Valenti will be adored by blogs, foodies, and even newspaper websites!

Valenti revives the excitement of website creation!

Website Features

Using the Valenti homepage drag-and-drop builder, you can make your own unique homepage without shortcodes or coding.

To display featured or most recent posts, there are 4 alternative modern grid modules (4, 5 & 6 articles plus a version of the 5 grid).

Full-width slider to display the most recent or featured posts.

The slider above posts loop to display current or prominent posts.

Post lists feature an offset option to prevent duplicate posts from showing up on the same page.

Personalized colors or background images, individual general colors (Borders, menu hover colors, review boxes, etc.)

4 blog layouts for homepages that feature the most recent posts:

All blog layouts provide “Normal pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite Scroll with Load More Button” options for infinite scrolling.

Options for review themes:

Three distinct review formats: Points, stars, or percentages

Option to insert a score subtitle that will appear in the site’s thumbnails.

Option to add up to three advantages and disadvantages with custom titles

Option to enable/disable user reviews (user reviews). A cookie containing the relevant post ID is placed on the visitor’s computer when they leave a rating to reduce the possibility of visitors voting more than once on the same post.

Article Features

Option for Full-Width Posts

Post Format: Video (Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, and Viddler can be embedded) with a unique overlay over the main Image.

Review and rating system that is fully integrated

Post Format: Audio with a unique overlay over the featured Image (able to embed Soundcloud)

upload a picture for the background or a slideshow

Four distinct styles are available for the featured Image; you may also disable it entirely.

Set any color as the backdrop.

Select full-width stretch, repeat, or no-repeat for the background image

Dropcaps, buttons, highlight text, toggle (FAQs), alert boxes, columns, video gallery, responsive video, divider, and tabs are just a few of the shortcodes available for articles.

Integration with WooCommerce

Since version 1.4, Valenti has been entirely compatible with WooCommerce, enabling smooth integration with the theme. Highlights include:

WooCommerce has been completely redesigned and integrated to match the theme’s style.

Theme options now include a WooCommerce options tab with several choices, such as:

Global color for WooCommerce (similar to global category color)

no sidebar, a right sidebar, or both (full-width WooCommerce)

WooCommerce page backgrounds feature images

Page backgrounds for WooCommerce

WooCommerce has a unique sidebar under “Appearance -> Widgets.”

Integration with BuddyPress

In addition to being fully compatible with BuddyPress, Valenti also grows, enhances, and restyles BuddyPress to offer a rich, integrated experience. Highlights include:

BuddyPress will be completely redesigned and integrated to complement the theme’s visual style.

If BuddyPress is installed, Login With Ajax will show logged-in users multiple of their own quick links (profile, activity, memberships, messages, subscription, topics started, log out), so users will never need to use or see the WordPress backend. Login With Ajax modals and widgets seamlessly integrate with BuddyPress.

Several options have been added to the theme settings’ BuddyPress tab, including BuddyPress global color (similar to global category color)

no sidebar, a right sidebar, or both (full-width BuddyPress)

BuddyPress page background picture

Page backgrounds for BuddyPress

In “Appearance -> Widgets,” BuddyPress has a special sidebar.

Integration with bbPress

In addition to being fully compatible with bbPress, Valenti also grows, enhances, and restyles bbPress to offer a rich, integrated experience. Highlights include:

Complete redesign and integration of bbPress to fit the theme’s appearance and feel

Users won’t ever need to utilize or see the WordPress backend thanks to Login With Ajax’s smooth integration with bbPress and the ability to show logged-in users numerous of their own quick links (edit profile, logout, subscriptions, favorites, responses, subjects started) if bbPress is installed.

The theme options now include a bbPress tab with a number of choices, such as bbPress global color (which is identical to global category color), left sidebar/right sidebar, or no sidebar (full-width forums)

Background picture for pages using bbPress

Page backgrounds for bbPress

The sticky posts’ background color should be changed.

bbPress has a special sidebar under “Appearance -> Widgets.”

For bbPress, two new Valenti widgets

Features by Category

Display posts using various styles (choice of 4 blog styles)

Show a giant slider, a small slider, or a Grid Module (4, 5, or 6 articles) above the most recent postings.

To prevent duplicate posts from showing up on the same page, posts lists can be offset (the grid displays posts #1 through #5, while the posts list below begins with post #6).

All blog layouts provide “Normal pagination / Infinite Scroll / Infinite Scroll with Load More Button” options for infinite scrolling.

Only display particular posts in the category grid and sliders.

Publish your own backdrops

Set any color as the backdrop.

Specify full-width stretch, repetition, or no-repeat for the environment.

Using a color picker, choose a generic color for the category (for menu hovers, review boxes, etc.)

the choice to employ a unique sidebar

Sidebar Featured on This Page

“Parallax / Full-background / Full-Width / Standard / Full-background slideshow” is an option for the featured Image’s output.

Publish a unique backdrop

Multiple custom backgrounds can be uploaded for a background slideshow.

Set any color as the backdrop.

Select full-width stretch, repeat, or no-repeat for the background image

Using a color picker, choose an available color for the page (for menu hovers, borders, etc.)

Included are Page Templates

Visit our team page.

Introducing Our Team Full-Width Page

404 Page Search for Individual Authors: With Results

Features Included

Valenti Top Reviews Valenti Social Media Icons Widget Widget (may be configured to display the top X reviews from a category globally + Filter (all time/last month/last week/only 2011/only 2012/only 2013))

Thumbnails for the most recent posts on Valenti (large/small images) Widget

Valenti Like Box for Facebook Widget

125px by 125px Valenti advertising Valenti Multi-Widget Widget (Show multiple widgets in one)

Google+ Follow badge for Valenti Widget

Latest Posts on Valenti a slide-in widget

Recent Comments by Valenti With Avatar Widget

Popular Valenti Posts

Device for Valenti Retina Images

Child-Friendly Themes

Valenti is compatible with child themes, ships with one setup, and is ready for use and customization.

General Qualities

Design that is simple, cutting-edge, and dynamic, ideal for current websites, reviews, and newspapers

The primary navigation bar may optionally display a different logo.

Ability to toggle slider and grid hover zoom effects on or off

the choice to totally disable By Line or only to disable certain of its features (Author, Date, Category, Comments)

System for clickable backdrops with takeover ads with two templates (2x.psd + 2x.png) included

Ready for Retina (HD)

Valenti is WPML-Ready, RTL-Ready, and includes. Mo/.po files for simple language translation. There are already Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, and Norwegian translations and additions.

Full-Width Or Boxed Site Option

the distinctive extensive menu system

Ajax-Integrated Login

specialized drag & drop homepage builder

A built-in “to top” button with an on/off switch

Access more than 600 fonts from Google Fonts, plus drop-down options with suggested fonts (hand-picked for their quality).

The admin theme options provide a switch to disable the About The Author box.

Lightbox deactivation feature in the admin theme settings

In the admin theme options, there is a choice to disable the “Next/Previous” box.

In the admin theme options, there is a switch to disable “By Line.” (This is displayed in posts/modules/blog styles as “By x on 01/01/2013 in Category”).

Three specific menu spots (Main, secondary, and footer)

The secondary menu navigation features drop-down menus.

Categories and pages with custom sidebars and extensive written and visual documentation. It can be viewed online as well.

Theme options-integrated related posts with photos that may be turned on/off

Included is a sample Dummy Content XML file (Note: does not include images from the demo, all images are replaced with a dummy placeholder image)

Structure Review Schema for Rich Snippet Microdata Rich Snippet Microdata Schema for the Author Breadcrumbs Fully Rich Snippet Microdata Adaptive design

Simple but effective built-in Theme Options framework

Very stylish integrated lightbox

Custom Favicon Upload Custom Logo copyright upload custom footer

Individual CSS section (Best practice to avoid losing CSS changes on theme updates)

automatic pagination

threaded comments indented

The Secondary menu bar’s dynamic breaking news may be switched on or off from the theme options and can be configured to display only specific categories.

SEO-Ready: Everything is configured correctly. For instance: Images pull the required Meta schema data, only one H1 per page, wrapped around the post title (NOT the logo, which is awful for SEO), etc.

Ready for translation with. Mo/.PO files included (French, Dutch & Spanish already translated and included)

With proper HTML5 and CCS3 code.

extensively tested with ALL popular browsers and their most recent iterations, including IE8

Several shortcodes are included directly into TinyMCE (no more having to remember complicated code)

Choose a 468 x 60-pixel, 728 x 90-pixel, or no banner next to the logo.

You will need to enlist the aid of a developer for any theme adjustments (i.e., adding or changing the theme’s code to make it do something it doesn’t do or add particular functionality). It is advised to search for one on since those who administer Themeforest also run that website.

Ideas for upcoming updates?

Please leave a comment with your suggestion if it will help the subject. We will take it into consideration.

Photos Used in the Demo

The copyrights to all photographs used on the sample website were obtained through and are solely used for demonstration purposes. Thanks to the wonderful people at Scatter Jar – Free Food Photographs, who provide most of the food images, and keep up the fantastic work! None of these photos are part of the theme, and the dummy XML file cannot import them either.



Live preview

Item Information

Last Update:January 22, 2023
Released:May 7, 2021