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Advanced Custom Fields PRO for WooCommerce v5.2.0 GPL Latest Version

Advanced Custom Fields PRO For WooCommerce gpl plugin


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Advanced Custom Fields PRO for WooCommerce GPL Features

WooCommerce configurable product. Customize WooCommerce checkout fields. Add custom fields to the user’s profile. All in one WooCommerce advanced custom field.

  • Gather all the customs information to the order detail. Control what information should appear, no unnecessary field on the order detail.
  • Add advanced custom fields for a single product page with pricing options.
  • Work with various product types, like Simple, Digital, Variant, Booking.
  • Add custom fields where you want, with multiple locations.
  • The data will be saved into order detail, you can manage and update extra info there, too!
  • Create a new custom user profile field in 30 seconds. Collect user information at the checkout page or My Account page. Allow user edit, update the custom profile field.
  • Add the custom fields to the user profile and display them on the My Account page
  • Admin can edit the information on the user’s profile page easily in the Backend.
  • With advanced conditional logic, we can create multiple conditions to show the fields when the other field has been selected.
  • Instead of a boring fields builder, we now have a form builder with multiple features, can be used by non-tech users.
  • If you want to how the fields in PDF invoices. You came to the right place!.
  • If you want to show the custom order details on Order List, you can select the on-field option to display it as additional columns.
  • We understand how hard for you to manage the correct format of product options, that’s why we create a lot of field types to help you achieve your goal easier.

Input Text

Include advanced field validation: email, password, number, normal text

Radio Select

Creating the radio select with pricing option enabled.

Checkbox Select

Allow user to select multiple values as a checkbox

Select Box

Showing the options as dropdown select.

Slide Range

Creating the slider range to have better options

Date-time Picker

All in one date-time picker with beautiful calendar template

File Upload

Allow uploading file, limit file types or size easily

Image Upload

Only upload the images, instead of all files, best for print on demand products

Text Area

Add multilines text area input, best for cover letters or messages


Enable customer to add new information as repeating rows easily.

Image Select

Display the options as image and allow user to click on image to select option

Google Map Address

Display the address in google map, best for shipping locator and profile info.


Showing the options in repeater and accordian, best for user’s interest


Allow upload and manage image upload as gallery, best for user profile and print on demand


Live preview

Item Information

Last Update: January 9, 2023
Released: January 9, 2023


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